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Seoul Mates

Seventy years have passed since the division of Korea and the Northern regime has now reached its third successor, Kim Jong-Un. Many believed that the young leader Kim Jong-Un would not be able to hold together the isolated, poverty stricken, and economically stagnated North Korea. Until last year, talks about an imminent reunification were prevalent in South Korea, attested by South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s emphasis on reunification in her 2014 New Year’s press conference.

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Winds of Change from an Unlikely Place

Jenny Yeji Yoo explores reforms in North Korea.

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The North Korean crisis: the future of North Korea?

Many Koreans and non-Koreans alike hope for a revolution from the people. However, in order for this to happen, there are two vital actions that must take place: one, the people must be aware of their situation and two, have a means to mobilize.

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Things Go Better with Coke

It is the global community that needs to learn from Myanmar. Rather than attempting to wait out the gluttons of privilege, international sanctions ought to be relaxed to let the North Korean people eat and allow for some much needed foreign dollars to enter the country. And, maybe, with a little time, and a little help, North Koreans can have a Coke too.

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CPRoundup: Failure to Launch

Last Thursday, in an act of defiance, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, despite international warnings not to do so, launched a rocket which they claimed to be a satellite, but which everyone else knew to be a long-range missile test.

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Political Minutes: Euna Lee on Human Rights

On Friday night, the Columbia University chapter of Liberty in North Korea (LINK) presented a night with journalist, activist, and former North Korea detainee Euna Lee.

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And Then There Was Un

On December 17, 2011, North Korea lost Kim Jong-il ­– its “Dear Leader” – to a heart attack. Without missing a beat, North Korea’s state-run media anointed his third son Kim Jong-un as the “Great Successor” and placed the fate of the North Korean people squarely in his 28-year-old hands. One look at North Korea’s pudgy new protagonist is enough to make me worry not only about the fate of the North Korean people, but about the future security of the East Asian region as a whole.

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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

The relative peace that has followed the Korean War ended with an explosion in March of last year, when North Korea torpedoed a South Korean naval ship.

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