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Slick Dealings

While Jordan continues to consolidate the Hashemite political rule over the country, and to assert its stable position amidst regional conflict, it is also necessary to consider key aspects of the economy like energy security, and to move towards a more self-sufficient electricity and fuel economy.

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Jordan: One Kingdom, Two Nations

While most Palestinians yearn for the birth of a new Palestinian state, and regardless of the fact that they do not enjoy the same privileges as their Jordanian counterparts, many Palestinians do not have any intention of migrating to a future “Palestine.”

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Jordanians Count their Blessings

The face of Walid al- Moallem, Syria’s foreign minister, appears on television: “Syria always keeps its promises,” he says to Ban Ki-moon. The scene cuts out, and immediately cuts back into an image of Syrian warplanes raining hellfire down upon the Syria landscape. Explosions, smoke, and misery ensue.

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Response to “The A-Word”

While highlighting how sometimes legitimate criticism of Israel can be rejected by some circles, Mr. Abboud fails to explore the actual meaning of apartheid and the factual evidence that shows how it does not apply to Israel.

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The A-Word

Is society wrong for interpreting the word “apartheid” as inflammatory, or are Israeli Apartheid Week organizers just turning away more heads from their cause?

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Self Indulgent Activism

If we allow the passion of Columbia students to shine through in a constructive and positive manner, I have faith that our community will be strengthened, anger will dissipate, and the social justice that all of us strive for will be made just a little more possible.

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My Humble Reply

Before we go on to perpetuate present failures, it is imperative we consider all options. And the only way to fairly do so is to question long held approaches, reexamine present circumstances, and formulate prudent, yet innovative ideas.

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A Response to “A Modest Proposal”

Israel’s existence should not be put at risk because the Palestinian people, understandably, are frustrated and have come to find jingoistic pride in their militant landlord.

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A Modest Proposal

The peace process needs a reset. Hamas is here to stay, and so it’s time for Israel to include it as a piece of the puzzle, or at least try to.

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by / on December 26, 2012 at 6:02 am / in Opinion, World

Both Right and Wrong

” The other notion suggests not shying away from the inconsistency, but embracing it. One can see Morsi as both a responsible pragmatic arbiter, and a dictatorial Islamist leader, for he is both, and one can see Israel as responsible in its attempts to limit the casualties of a complicated war but also strategically shortsighted in building in E1, for both are true.”

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