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Political Minutes: The State of the Nation

With a historic number of women in the Senate, more discussion of woman’s rights in politics than ever before, and a Democratic Party that finally has been emboldened to stand for women, it seems as though 2012 truly is the “year of the woman” that feminists have fought so long for, though challenges remain.

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The More Things Stay the Same, the More Things Change

But what’s the fallout of the election? We know Republicans have some soul-searching to do, but what happens with Washington? The House is still red. The Senate and White House blue.

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Putting Foreign Policy Back on the Map

The fact is, regardless of how many statistics Obama and Romney drop about their economic or health care policies, neither the average voter nor the incredibly exceptional American voter is going to understand them. What we can understand is how our Commander-in-Chief plans to navigate the world’s increasingly treacherous diplomatic waters and what his priorities are.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

A trained doctor, Jill says that she views running for office as “practicing political medicine” because “it’s the mother of all illnesses.” Columbia Political Review’s George Joseph talks with Stein what she would do about Wall Street and the economy, education policy, and WikiLeaks if she were one day elected president.

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

I decided to shift through other major polling sources for state-by-state data that might help me make sense of the mess of polling numbers and demographic groups that is election season.

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Highway 270: Wisconsin

Because field offices work primarily to motivate voters to turn out at the polls, Wisconsin field support will make-or-break the Badger State for the Democrats.

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Buckeye Bull’s-eye

With only a week left until Election Day, and after every political pundit and their brother has run through their theorized Electoral College scenarios again and again … let’s run through just a few more

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One Week Out

Election seasons are often defined by three events. The debates, conventions, and V.P. picks. So what’s left? What is there still to talk about except the hundreds of polls released everyday?

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The Final Showdown

With only two weeks left, a slip here, a fumble there, and it could be game over.

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Political Minutes: Cory Booker

Talking to Columbia students Tuesday night on behalf of the Kenneth Cole Foundation, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey discussed love, hope, change, and this generation’s imperative to tackle the hard issues.

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