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Par For The Cores

by In a time of unprecedented gridlock in Washington, education reform has managed to force its way into the daily lives of children across the country. No fewer than forty-five states and the District of Columbia have agreed to formally adopt the Common Core State Standards, a set of comprehensive math and language arts standards for students in kindergarten through […]

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Fostering Folly

by A family is hard to define. A spouse, two and a half kids, a golden retriever, and a picket fence – this might be the stereotypical American family. But families can have two parents or single parents, have eight kids or no kids, live in a mansion or a trailer. Yet it is clear that the integrity of a […]

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Teaching the A Team

by In recent decades, the United States has made it a priority to improve American education by “guaranteeing proficiency”—that is, bringing everyone up to par. President Lyndon Johnson’s Head Start Program, President George H.W. Bush’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and, most notably, the No Child Left Behind Act of President George W. Bush have exemplified this egalitarian ethos. These programs have resulted […]

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Classroots Activism

If grassroots activists in the United States can build a unified movement, learning from their counterparts in Québec and Chile, perhaps the debate over education reform will translate to broader challenges to the neoliberal social order.

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Saving Our Schools

Increasing the number of college graduates is certainly a politically popular position, but truly increasing educational quality cannot be achieved without improving K-12 education.

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$300 Million at Stake for NYC Students

Join the Students for Education Reform on Thursday November 29 at 6:00pm, as we march downtown from the NYC UFT building to the steps of the NYC DOE building, demanding that a deal be reached. We are not taking sides, and we are not assigning blame. We are marching to ensure that students do not lose out on essential components of their education because of a disagreement between the adults. Help us make some noise in the name of compromise.

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Missing Pages

A major occurrence in history can be spun in different ways, depending on the words used to describe it. The attacks of September 11, 2001 are a seminal event in the lives of students today, and are bound to remain so for future generations. Despite the indelible images of that day, the greatest impact that 9/11 will have in the public memory may be its description in the pages of history textbooks.

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Schoolhouse Crock

Proponents of the standardized curriculum say it promotes continuity and consistency throughout the public school system, but opponents, especially teachers, say it prioritizes cosmetic changes over real classroom needs.

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