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Great Barrier Grief

by For the past few years, Australia’s economy has largely avoided the downturn that other Western economies have experienced. Unemployment peaked at 5.7%, far below the US peak of 10.2% and less than half of the Eurozone peak of 12.1%. Between 2004 and 2009, the economy grew at an average rate of 5.3%– exceptionally strong growth for a developed economy. […]

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

But even more importantly, the selection of Ryan sends the message that Romney will push for policies that he believes are best for this country, even if they may be politically unpopular.

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Uncle Sam Can Help

But perhaps recognizing that government has the important role of not just supporting, but rather getting everyone to the same starting point — Tocqueville’s “equality of conditions” — will dispel the notion that government is incompatible with individual effort and a thriving civil society.

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Reframing the Debate

In today’s political environment, expediency often takes precedence over good policy making. But the sooner we realize that there isn’t a magic bullet for fixing the economy, the closer we’ll get to fixing it.

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Gone With the Trend

More reports as poor as this one would reinforce an image of an economy that is…nauseatingly stuck in the middle of a recovery, leaving many Americans desperate for employment. If this is the case come November, Romney will have a very good chance to unseat the president.

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