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Political Minutes: The Constitution, the Court, and America’s Promise

Professor Freeman began by setting the tone of the era through the eyes of Alexander Hamilton, noting that, “He was a brilliant, sometimes arrogant, often impatient, and always impulsive politician.”

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Sound Bite Politics

As a citizen voting in her first presidential election, I am disappointed with the flavor of the current discourse and the lack of concrete ideas. Politics always has had mudslinging and distracting sound bites, but in this election we are faced with two competing visions for the American government to bring the country out of its economic recession.

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(First) Ladies First

Behind every president, with the exception of James Buchanan, there has been a strong first lady helping her husband deal with the pressure and problems inherent in running the country.

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Don’t Forget About Congress

Everyone should go vote in November and follow not just the presidential race, but also the congressional ones. Everyone should strive to be well informed on all the candidates’ positions.

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Enough Vague Campaigning

It’s been a tiring primary season filled with mostly broad, sweeping statements from both sides with figurative or actual “booing” from the opposite side. As we enter into the next phase of presidential and legislative debates, I hope we will hear more details.

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A Step in the Right Direction

The law is not perfect, nor fully operational yet (the mandate not becoming effective until 2014). But, at least the question now can now be “how will it work?” rather than “is the law even constitutional?”

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