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Political Minutes: Campus Groups Debate Unions

On Tuesday, March 27, the Columbia Democrats and the Columbia University College Republicans held their final debate of the year, hosted and moderated by the Columbia Political Union.

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Election 2012: Game Change 2.0

There has been much buzz recently regarding who the GOP nominee will choose as a running mate, and rightfully so; as John McCain showed in 2008, the Vice Presidential pick can make or break a candidacy.

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Election 2012: March Madness

March, previously forecast as the month that would decide the Republican presidential nomination (read: the month that Romney would clinch it), has instead reduced the race to an excruciating slog to 1144.

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Political Minutes: GlobeMed Health Care Debate

Should states allow individuals to opt out of the of the Affordable HealthCare Act? Is health a universal human right? Is healthcare? Whose responsibility is it to provide healthcare?

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Political Minutes: Columbia Political Union Debate Series

Mingming Feng covers CPU’s debate between the College Democrats and the College Republicans on affirmative action.

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Campus Updates

by Chicano Caucus This fall, the Chicano Caucus is focusing on immigration reform. The group hosted an event on the October 5 regarding the proposed DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act, an act that “would allow illegal immigrants to begin the process of becoming US citizens if they are individuals who: have entered the USA before the […]

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