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Lawyers, Guns, and Money

The Brazilian system is nearly-notorious for its arcane system of rules with many loopholes for defendants—as American University Professor Matthew Taylor puts it “the system is set up to leave things unresolved.”

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The Cruel Reality of Columbia’s Sexual Assault Policy

by In an oblique email sent out on January 29th, President Bollinger assured students that “gender-based misconduct and sexual assault have no place in [the Columbia] community. Period.” Bollinger’s statement came on the heels of widespread calls for reform by various student groups asking for a review of the administrative processes regarding sexual assault. The campus buzz over sexual assault […]

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The Bigger Picture in Brazil

by With all eyes on Sochi as the Winter Olympics kick off in the coming days, the 2014 FIFA World Cup has recently managed to elude the gaze of international sports fans. Of course, that’s not to say that all is well in Brazil. In early January, Brazilian “Presidenta” Dilma Rousseff and her administration were criticized by FIFA President Sepp […]

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Political Minutes: Roots of Brazilian Impunity

D’Avila asserted that, “no political leaders are willing to promote cultural change and run political risk” in Brazil and that, “[p]opulism continues to be a recurrent binding constraint for promoting institutional changes.”

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Bribe and Punishment

Cover Story: Fall 2012
“The problem is that in Brazil you don’t convict. I’ve been in court for seven years, yet this is the second time we attempt to reach conviction. This course of action is still very novel to me and to other judges.”

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Points for Participation

If the system is broken, then it must be fixed. The question, of course, is how. It might be helpful to first look toward public policy elsewhere that has succeeded in reducing inequality and involving citizens more in governmental deliberations. In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a municipal policy called participatory budgeting (PB), which has democratized the process of city budgeting, has succeeded in accomplishing just that.

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Contradicting Colombia?

The Summit of the Americas

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Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t

Of the most controversial topics in Latin America today, few are as divisive as the politics of dam building.

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

A multitude of reasons exist why Americans are monolingual. That’s not the point: What is exasperating is the idea that everyone south of the border is brown and sólo habla español.

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A Latin American Pivot?

In recent months, there has been much talk of the United States’ “strategic pivot” toward East Asia and the Pacific.

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