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Assad’s Quiet Allies: Christians

Christians and Muslims may pray to the same God, but can this God protect both peoples? Jordan’s Christians hope they never have to find out.

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Afghanistan’s Terrible Trajectory

“Afghanistan has been in a state of war since 1979. Outside powers have inflicted great chaos in an already lawless territory. Tribes have exploited gains with both anti-Taliban and Taliban forces. But I am fully assured that Afghanistan’s future has to rest with the Afghani people themselves.”

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The (invisible) Red Line

There remains, however, a single and constant truth in the conflict; the West—in particular, the United States—has suffered one of the most dire strategic losses in its foreign policy over the past thirty years.

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Lawyers, Guns, and Money

The Brazilian system is nearly-notorious for its arcane system of rules with many loopholes for defendants—as American University Professor Matthew Taylor puts it “the system is set up to leave things unresolved.”

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Made in the U.S.A

The national government is not the only body at fault in this situation, however: American anti-gay groups and gay advocacy groups in Uganda have encouraged continued debate on homosexuality, carrying their proxy battle into the legislature and affecting the life of Uganda’s gay population.

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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

We have already seen Al-Shabaab pull itself from the ashes once before, and it will continue to launch mass casualty events like the Westgate operation, especially after its recent ideological “return”, so to speak, to internationalist jihad…And without AMISOM, the current Somali government will very likely collapse, paving the way for Al-Shabaab’s resurgence.

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The Red Corridor

by India’s rise as an emerging economic superpower has been nothing short of spectacular, and has certainly captured the world’s attention over the last decade. However, in the vast tracts of forests in the northeastern portion of the country—far away from the public’s gaze—India’s people do not experience the fruits of economic progress. Instead, they have constantly been subjected to […]

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant

These powerful developments emanating from the Middle East demonstrate a region constantly disturbed by sectional interests and polarizing ideologies. Is there a solution?

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Myanmar’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters

As the new Myanmar government—now with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi involved—pursues its reforms and hopes to improve its relationship with the West, a larger problem remains: the new Myanmar is still racked with its old Burma problems, so to speak.

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Jordanians Count their Blessings

The face of Walid al- Moallem, Syria’s foreign minister, appears on television: “Syria always keeps its promises,” he says to Ban Ki-moon. The scene cuts out, and immediately cuts back into an image of Syrian warplanes raining hellfire down upon the Syria landscape. Explosions, smoke, and misery ensue.

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