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Short-term Shock or “New Normal”: Oil’s Impact on Saudi Policy

The question is ultimately whether the world is experiencing a short-term market disruption or an entirely new equilibrium over lower prices. This distinction will, of course, have huge effects on future Saudi policy.

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Switzerland’s Holes: An Undecided Population in a Far Right Climate

by On February 9th, 2014, Switzerland passed the popular initiative “against mass immigration,” an initiative that has compromised Switzerland’s international position and relationship with the European Union to the point where EU Commissioner Lazlo Andor stated in a press release that “Business [with Switzerland] as usual is not an option.” What led him to use such harsh terms? The referendum, […]

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When Europe Stops Remembering: Union, Exit, and European Peace

“World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it.”

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Turkey Election: Trading off Democratic Rights for Stability

Rekha Kennedy, a Columbia junior currently studying abroad in turkey on the country’s recent election

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Identity Theft? An Exploration of Ukrainian National Identity in the Conflict with Russia

Despite falling out of the headlines of Western news sources, the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine is ongoing. This feature of two interviews and a personal piece look to ex- plore deeper questions of Ukrainian national identity and how it relates to Russia, the West, and the politics—both cultural and strategic—of the current conflict.

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Rational and Nonrational Processes in Foreign Naval Procurement

Senior Thesis Series (4)

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Charge of the Right Brigade

European countries have traditionally had political parties that range from the very liberal to the very conservative, stretching further in both directions than, say, the two political parties in the United States. Historically, the more conservative parties remained firmly on the fringes of society and did not gained much power politically. The recent changes in the ethnic distribution of European population, mainly due to a massive influx of immigration, have popularized the furthest-right parties, most of which have an aggressive anti-immigration stance.

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Denial on Trial

The Armenian Genocide–as these events would later be known–is a lasting source of contention between Armenians and Turks. Armenians actively remember the Meds Yeghern and some use the historical event to bolster legal claims against the successor state of Ottoman Turkey. On the other hand, the modern Turkish state actively ignores these grimmer portions of its earlier history, leveraging its substantial geopolitical clout to cloud the historical record documenting the horrific crimes that occurred within its borders.

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Émigré Matters

Re-Examining France’s Brain Drain

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World Leaders Forum: Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg

CPR Senior Editor Yeye Kysar reports from the World Leaders Forum event with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

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