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Understanding the Madmen: The Rationale for Iran’s Rhetoric

By recognizing how domestic considerations play a part in Iranian foreign policy, we can better understand why their pronouncements seem to be at odds with their commitments.

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The People’s Constitution: How Shifts in Public Opinion Affect the Supreme Court

Senior Thesis Series (3)

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Water Pressures

The optimal way to tackle the issue of water scarcity in California is not simply by pressuring consumers, but rather by enacting water restrictions on producers, particularly those in large-scale agriculture and energy production.

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They Know You’re Reading This

It’s been more than one year after Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing broad government surveillance, and most Americans are no longer surprised to hear that their online activity can easily be monitored. Revelations about surveillance are no longer front-page news. But what are the practical ramifications and consequences of living in a surveillance-saturated society?

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Sinking the Internship

Eve Goldenberg, CC’17, a native New Yorker, came to Columbia with the dream of becoming a screenwriter. In her first semester, she enrolled in a formal acting class and once a week, took the subway downtown to continue her study of improv theater. By the spring of her freshman year, however, Goldenberg felt far away from her dream.

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Judging the Judges

A Look at the Judicial Empathy Debate

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Just Compensation

The Courts Get Creative with Eminent Domain

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The Symphony Slide

Olivia Kapell offers an explanation for the rise in symphony orchestra lock-outs

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The City and the Changing Climate

Web Columnist Mounir Ennenbach explores the role of cities in environmental policy

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In Defense of AIPAC

Web Columnist Daniella Greenbaum defends AIPAC against the charges made by Connie Bruck in her recent essay for the New Yorker, “Friends of Israel”

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