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Obama’s Vision for Relations with Cuba

Cuba as an example of the dangers of communist failure. It will take time for these perceptions to evolve. What is indisputable is that Obama took bold and decisive action regarding Cuba.

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The Trump Trouble for GOP Senators in 2016

Although presidential candidate Donald Trump has been having a tough time after his loss in the Wisconsin primaries, he is still poised to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention.

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Deconstructing the Wage Gap

At the end of last month, President Obama issued an executive order mandating firms with over one hundred employees to report wages paid, as well as information of gender, race, and ethnicity

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Gender Does Not Need an ID

Voter ID laws also stand to disenfranchise transgender people because a significant portion of transgender people do not have identification that accurately reflects their gender identity.

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President Obama Hits the Target on Gun Control

On January 5, in response to the slew of mass shootings in 2015, President Obama issued a series of executive actions intended to curb gun violence.

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

Despite the usual flak from conservative news media, the Democratic Party is starting to find reasons to celebrate. Barack Obama is running a victory lap of sorts as his second term approaches an end, and the party a good chance of retaining the White House after President Obama leaves office. On the other side of the party line, the circus of conservative candidates vying for the presidency is led by a neurosurgeon who is quickly showing that medical acumen does not necessarily translate into political savvy.

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Juvenile Injustice

by By Tal Siegel In the 1980s, rapidly increasing crime rates all over the United States spurred widespread panic. By the ʼ90s, the myth of “super predator” teens—adolescents thought to be engaged in rampant, violent crime—had gripped the country, prompting nationwide legislation to lower the age of criminal responsibility. Known as Juvenile Court Exclusion laws, these laws barred many adolescents […]

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Security Under Assault

by Russia’s aggressive posture and nuclear arsenal pose “an existential threat to the United States,” according to General Joseph Dunford, now the newest Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the top military leader in the country. The comments, which came during a Senate confirmation hearing for the next chairman, ignited the defense community and revealed a lot about […]

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Understanding the Madmen: The Rationale for Iran’s Rhetoric

By recognizing how domestic considerations play a part in Iranian foreign policy, we can better understand why their pronouncements seem to be at odds with their commitments.

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The People’s Constitution: How Shifts in Public Opinion Affect the Supreme Court

Senior Thesis Series (3)

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