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Charge of the Right Brigade

European countries have traditionally had political parties that range from the very liberal to the very conservative, stretching further in both directions than, say, the two political parties in the United States. Historically, the more conservative parties remained firmly on the fringes of society and did not gained much power politically. The recent changes in the ethnic distribution of European population, mainly due to a massive influx of immigration, have popularized the furthest-right parties, most of which have an aggressive anti-immigration stance.

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Briefing: Handling Growing Energy Consumption

by By 2030, global population is projected to increase by 1.3 billion people, and global income, in real terms, is projected to roughly double. With increased wealth and population comes increased consumption—of cars, refrigerators, televisions, air-conditioning, and air travel.  For example, the number of automobiles is on course to double by 2035, to 1.7 billion worldwide. With greater consumption comes […]

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Briefing: The Moment of Energy Access

by Whether you care most about health or education, the poor climbing out of poverty or the creation of economic opportunity, the plight of women or the needs of children, climate change adaptation or natural resource preservation—whatever it is that floats your boat and represents your values—know this:  without improved energy, very few of these goals can be pursued. Examine […]

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Briefing: Global Energy Policy

by Despite the efforts of global institutions, energy policy in the developing world continues to be driven by geology, engineering, and economics, not climate change, But it must be recognized that the developing world comes in many shapes and sizes, and the world is in the midst of a carbon-based energy revolution.  Dramatically large carbon-based energy resources—oil and gas—have been […]

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Briefing: Immigration

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold some but not all of the provisions in Arizona’s SB 1070, it is inevitable that the path toward immigration reform will involve a delicate dance between local and federal government. What can be changed, however, is whether members of both political parties work to creating substantive immigration reform.

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Briefing: Egypt

Just a little over a year has passed since the outset of the massive uprisings that shook Egypt and deposed one of the longest-ruling Middle Eastern leaders in modern history, and they are quickly passing from the realm of current events into history.

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Briefing: Education Reform

The current state of the education reform movement has been referred to as the Civil Rights movement of our time. This description is certainly justified.

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