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American technology companies are already acting towards the same ends of free speech, participating in what Alec Ross, a member of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, called “twenty-first century statecraft.”

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Editor’s Note, Winter 2013

by You hold in your hands my final issue of the Columbia Political Review. I joined the Review my sophomore year as a senior editor and have had the good fortune to work with some of the most intelligent and hardworking people at Columbia. I would like to first thank our past two editors-in-chief, Narayan Subramanian (SEAS ‘13) and Constance […]

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Editor’s Note

by As of this issue’s publication, the United States Congress has failed to pass legislation pre­venting scheduled, across-the-board, federal spending cuts. With the sequester in effect as of March 1 and cuts to military, domestic discretionary, and Medicare spending looming, we are prompted to reconsider the size and role of government. In this issue of the Columbia Political Review, we […]

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The Fact Check Republic

Because audiences have unprecedented access to journalists, the journalist has found himself at the mercy of the audience’s whims. The journalist will deliver what the audience wants to see because that is what brings hits.

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Political Minutes: George Stephanopoulos

On Tuesday afternoon, TV journalist, political analyst, and best-selling author George Stephanopoulos participated in a question and answer session at Columbia University.

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