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A Response to A Kidnapped Debate

“Of course using any one event as the basis for a grand narrative is shoddy intellectual work. But denying the way in which any one event illuminates and contributes to the larger narrative is equally faulty.”

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A Response to “A Modest Proposal”

Israel’s existence should not be put at risk because the Palestinian people, understandably, are frustrated and have come to find jingoistic pride in their militant landlord.

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Both Right and Wrong

” The other notion suggests not shying away from the inconsistency, but embracing it. One can see Morsi as both a responsible pragmatic arbiter, and a dictatorial Islamist leader, for he is both, and one can see Israel as responsible in its attempts to limit the casualties of a complicated war but also strategically shortsighted in building in E1, for both are true.”

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Sanctioning Progress

The short-term goal of halting Iran’s nuclear program can and should be coupled with the long term goal of fostering a more democratic, open Iran, if only because the sanctions that target those worth targeting and a diplomacy that offers Iran a path to legitimacy are ultimately the solutions to both these issues.

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Rockets of Hate, For the World to See

Palestinians know and expect Israel to act better; it is high time that Israelis can expect Palestinians to act better too. Civil resistance is justified for people harmed by their own government and still left with no state since 1948, but targeting civilians on either side, as Hamas does, is inhumane and indicative of why Israelis are not willing to trust in a lasting peace.

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Obama and the Middle East: Round Two

Reworking the Strategy towards Iran. Netanyahu is becoming infamously impatient, and the reactors keep spinning (despite false claims to the contrary last week; I doubt we’ll ever really know what is actually going on in those nuclear plants). The current strategy cannot continue.

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

For those dying daily in Syria, all of our talk of bringing freedom to the world is illusory. The rhetoric only works if we act exceptionally, and right now America has a long way to climb.

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by / on September 25, 2012 at 10:09 pm / in Opinion, World

Putting Evil in Context

Within the story of the MEK lies the greater story of the ways in which the ideology and activity of a given entity can change, sometimes for worse and sometimes for better.

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by / on September 13, 2012 at 4:57 pm / in Opinion, World

Truths and Untruths About Obama and Israel

This aloofness is not reserved for Israel alone; the cold, piercing analysis with which Obama approaches every issue is evidence that this aloofness and sternness is very much the Obama style.

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Political Minutes: Libyan Chief Justice, Tunisian State Secretary for Reform

After the Arab Spring, Middle Eastern countries that have undergone tumultuous revolutions are now under the scrutiny of the rest of the world … But the many newly minted leaders are trying daily to make things better.

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